Intuitive Thai Yoga Body Work 

60 & 90min sessions - A beautiful combination of Acupressure and MTPR, Mayofascial Release Stretching, Joint Mobilization Massage, Energetic Alignment, Thai Yoga Bodywork is relaxing, therapeutic and rejuvenating! These sessions are hands on and great if you are looking to reduce muscle tension with long lasting relief and increase mobility and flexibility. This service is conducted clothed (yoga attire) on a large floor mat and is best if you like deep pressure.

Meridian Therapy 

1 on 1 Meridian Therapy is offered in 60 & 90min sessions. 
Meridian Therapy is  a combination of Acupressure, Manuel Trigger Point Release (MTPR) and Mayofascial Release for pain, tension and postural issues. 
This service is conducted clothed (yoga attire) on a large floor mat and is best if you like deep pressure.

Private Lessons 

All of our classes can be offered as a Private One on One or small group Lesson! Check out our Class Offerings Page for more information and descriptions! Feel free to reach out to ask about and or customize a private lesson that's right for you!

Lifestyle and Health Coaching

Receive support in setting goals, unearthing values, strengths, and motivations, and encouraging the development of sustainable healthy behaviors and attitudes. Yoga Underground can also offer coaching for Yoga Diet, Lifestyle, and Veganism, with experience and backgrounds in macrobiotics and raw nutrition


Underground Yoga Club 

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