Vinyasa Yoga

Poses are linked together in dynamic, flowing, sequences combining breath and movement. Vinyasa yoga provides an invigorating way to challenge the body and the mind simultaneously. Classes are for all levels of experience.  We focus on classical Surya Namaskar and pull from northern and southern india techniques. Classes also include elements of dedication, meditation, relaxation and pranayama. We consider this class a full practice. Classes are creative to each teacher and the group of students capabilities. Run Time 60 min, 75 min, 90 min. 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga classes include dedication, slow flow, sensitizing movements, and long holds. For all body types and levels, this class incorporates discussions of emotion, connective tissue, anatomy, and looking within. Yin yoga safely exercises and explores the joints of the body. This class works with the deeper tissues of the body and connecting to the energy and emotions found in those spaces while, improving flexibility and can deepen our understanding of the self and connection to all things. 

26/2 Original Hot Yoga 

Yoga Underground offers classical 26/2 Hot Yoga - Ammie Moralez was certified in 2010 and has over 8,000 26/2 teaching hours. As the former owner of 2 hot studios in Philadelphia  and a visiting teacher of many hot studios she has experience with all class sizes and student types. The 26/2 method is practiced in a heated room with temperatures ranging from 105 - 110 degrees with relative humidity ranging from 35-40 percent. Students will sweat through 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises designed to detoxify the entire body and all of it's systems. There are countless stories of this method changing lives and helping people find yoga and better quality of life. This practice is both rewarding and challenging to the body and mind, it is for all levels - regular practice recommended. 

Body Barre

Body Barre is a hybrid workout class - combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, HIIT, aerobics,  and strength training. Unlike most traditional barre classes that incorporate a ballet barre and various props, body barre strictly relies on calisthenics. Body barre provides a full workout combining static holds, cardio, and dynamic movements while also incorporating yoga asana and stretching. This class gets your heart rate up, yet with low impact. Leave feeling stronger, energized, and and confident! Appropriate for all levels! 


Yoga Underground offers Fun, Intense, and Electric dance classes with an emphasis on strength, agility, technique and conditioning, as well as dance performance technique for those actively pursuing the performing arts. Dance styles include: Jazz, Broadway, Heals/Pole/Twerk, Modern, Contemporary, and Ballet. Classes are recreational in nature and can range anywhere from a Just-for-Fun-Beginner level all the way through advanced! All are welcome to come dance, play, learn, and feel safe and judgement free! 

Kids Yoga

Young Yogis is a program created by Mary Guarnieri that combines yoga with the arts to engage the creative spirit! All classes emphasize ways to take yoga off the matt and introduce it into daily life, discover self-observation without judgment, relieving stress, and self-care. Young Yogis class themes shift between Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Art, and Writing. Children also learn basic yoga asana and pranayama techniques in a creative and fun loving environment! 


Underground Yoga Club 

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